Stay in control

Keep full control over where, when, and how your customers make their bookings.
Stay in control

Bookings the way you work.

Online table booking should enhance the customer experience, not cause chaos in the kitchen. Use these advanced tools to manage your schedule and stay in control.
Mark tables as reservable online, or just used for walk-ins.
Allow your customers to choose which area of your venue they want to book in.
Set the default booking duration, and the interval between them.
Schedule opening hours for each day of the week.
Automatically accept bookings as they come in, or keep manual control of accepting them.
Set a limit on how many tables can be booked at any one time.
Booking Diary Screenshot

Your online diary

Always up to date, and a single source of truth for all your bookings.
Easy to glance at and update during service.
You can print each day's bookings on paper before service.
If you want to keep control of accepting or rejecting booking requests, manage them in your Diary Inbox.
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