How to configure Booking Questions

Questions allow you to gain more information about the customer before they arrive, to give them a great experience.

They can optionally be limited to specific Reasons, to let you ask only relevant questions depending on why the customer is booking.

They can also be used to make sure certain policies are followed, such as being over 18 if they are booking for drinks, or if they accept and additional terms and conditions.

Creating a Question

To create a Question, navigate to your Venue settings, scroll to the Booking Configuration section, and click on the Questions item:


Click on the Add Question button, and fill in the Question details:

* Question Text - the text of the question you would like to ask

* Question Type - you can ask wither Yes/No questions, or Multiple Choice questions

* Question Options - if asking a Multiple Choice question, enter all possible answers

* Question Is Required - If selected, the customer must answer Yes/No questions Yes, and answer Multiple Choice questions with a selection. If not selected, these are optional.


Questions and Reasons

By default, Questions are asked for any / all Reasons.

To limit a Question to a specific set of Reasons, navigate to the settings of the Question, and click the Configure button under the Limit to Reasons item:


Select the Reasons you would like to ask this Question for, and click Update.