How to configure Booking Reasons

Reasons let you control where and when your customers can make a booking based on why they are coming.

Useful for timed events such as pre-theatre dinner, pub quizzes, and also for general control of where and when customers can book for any reason, e.g. drinks, meals, buffet, etc.

Once you add a Reason, all the Tables in your Venue need to be assigned to at least one reason to be reservable. Tables with no reason will no longer be reservable.

To create a Reason, navigate to your Venue settings, scroll down to the Booking Configuration section, and click on the Reasons item.


Click Add Reason, enter the name of your new Reason, and click Add.

To edit the settings of the Reason, click on the new Reason from the list.


Here you can change the name of your Reason as it appears to your customers, assign which tables are reservable with this Reason, and set the schedule of when this Reason is allowed to be chosen.

A Reason's Schedule can have different rules for each day of the week.

One example is the image above; where we allow the Drinks Reason any time you are open on weekdays, but limit weekends to just between the hours of 6pm and 10pm.