Venue Management

How to configure cancellation charges

Collecting customer card details helps prevent no-shows by establishing a commitment from the customer.

Here is how to configure your cancellation policy

1. Navigate to

2. Navigate to Venues and select the Venue you want to edit

3. Locate the Payments section and click on the "Configure" button located under the "Cancellation Charges" heading

4: You will see a window that allows you to configure the cancellation policy for your venue. You can set the following elements:

   * Small Party Sizes: Charge if the party size is less than or equal to this value (optional)

* Large Party Sizes: Charge if the party size is greater than or equal to this value (optional)

   * Cancellation Fee: Set the fee per person for cancelling a booking i.e. GBP 10 per head

   * Cut-off Time: The number of hours before the booking, before which the cancellation fee will not be charged i.e. if the customer cancels within the last 24h the system will automatically charged the set fee per head


5: To save your changes once you have finished customising your cancellation policy, click "Save"

Note: If a customer cancels after the cut-off time, the cancellation fee will be automatically charged to their payment method. If you cancel the booking, or mark it as a no-show, after the cut-off time, you will be asked if you would like to charge the fee at your discretion.