Venue Management

How to set up Tables in your Venue

Each Area in your Venue has a Floor Plan, where your Tables can be arranged and configured.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you set up your tables.

Navigate to the Area's Floor Plan

  1. On the left menu, Click on Areas
  2. (Optional) If you are setting up a new Area to configure, click the Add Area button and fill in it's details
  3. Click on the Area you want to set up the Tables for from the list
  4. Scroll down to the Floor Plan section, and click on the Configure button
  5. You'll see a graphical representation of your Area's floor plan, and a list of existing Tables.

Configure your Tables

  1. To add new Tables, click Add Table, and enter its name and reservation settings
  2. New Tables will be added to the top left of your Floor Plan
  3. To change a Table's position, drag the Table across the Floor Plan and click Save Changes
  4. To edit an existing table, either click on the Table in the Floor Plan or click on the Pencil icon in the Table list.

Configure your Table Combinations

Table Combinations are a convenient way to allow customers to book for larger party sizes than your individual Tables can accommodate.

For example, you may have two Tables with 2-4 seats, and you commonly join them together when a party of 5 or more books.

Table Combinations are only assigned to bookings when suitable individual Tables are all busy, or if no individual Tables are suitable.

  1. To add a new Table Combination, click Add Table Combination at the bottom of the Floor Plan page
  2. Select Add Table to add each Table you would like to be a part of this Table Combination
  3. Enter the minimum and maximum seats you would like customers to book it for
  4. Click Add to save the Table Combination