How to use the Diary to manage your bookings

The Diary has three different views to manage your bookings from - Calendar, Bookings, or Floor Plan - depending how you would like to see them.


The Calendar view is useful to manage bookings throughout each day, seeing the booking activity on each Table.

To add a booking to a Table at a specific time, click on the booking slot time along the Table's row, click Add Booking, and fill in the booking's details.

Click on a booking to manage it's status and see the booking's details.



The Bookings view is useful to see how busy you are at any point in the day, when adding bookings manually or adding walk-ins.

Each booking slot is shown with all the bookings that start at that time, along with the total number of covers they involve.


To add a booking from the Bookings view:

  1. Click the Add Booking button on the booking slot you'd like the booking to start during.
  2. Fill in the booking details

The optimal Table will be automatically selected for you based on party size and duration; the specific Area and Table can also be overridden if you would prefer.

Floor Plans

The Floor Plan view makes it easy to get a visual representation of the booking activity in each of your areas.

  1. To see your Floor Plan in the Diary, click Bookings > Diary on the left menu
  2. Click on the Floor Plan Diary View at the top left of the Diary's toolbar
  3. Click on each Area to view that Area's Floor Plan
  4. To add a booking to a Table, click on it and fill in the booking details
  5. Click on a Table which has an active booking to manage that booking and see its details